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Why Are K-Style Gutters Called “K-Style”?

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The term “K-style” is one of the most asked-about aspects of gutter replacement, given that K-style gutters do not look anything like the letter K. Today, we take a look at this popular gutter style and the origins of its name.

Why Are K-Style Gutters Called “K-Style”?

Why Is It Called K-Style?

Gutter companies offer gutters in two standard profiles: half-rounds and K-style. Half-round gutters feature a shallow U-shaped profile and are typically seen in homes with traditional styles. K-style gutters have a more angular and intricate profile that looks like crown molding when viewed from the ground. K-style gutters are also called “ogee” gutters because of the S-shaped flourish at its outer edge.

K-style gutters do not have anything K-shaped about it, which can be confusing if you don’t know the story behind it. When standards for gutter design were being created, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) created a list of gutter profiles and assigned letters to them. They ultimately chose the eleventh in the list – that is, the letter K – and it’s been named “K-style” since.

Advantages of K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters work on virtually any roofing style, from traditional asphalt shingles to contemporary standing seam metal roofs, and do not look dated. If you’re unsure of which profile to choose, K-style is always a good choice. K-style gutters also have greater capacity that lets them handle unusually heavy rainfall, making them ideal for large and steep roofs or in areas that receive higher-than-average rainfall during most of the year.

If you are considering getting seamless gutters, you’re more likely to find a contractor that offers K-style gutters than half-round ones – not all machines are capable of switching between different profiles. Also, half-round gutters made of cast-iron sections are more durable, though they are much heavier and require a strong roof fascia.

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