Storm Damage Roofing Solutions

When nature unleashes its fury, Winfield Builders stands by your side, offering top-notch inspections and repairs for storm-damaged roofs.

Understanding the Hidden Impact of Storms on Your Roof

Many homeowners underestimate the toll that wind and hail can take on their roofs after a severe storm. While the damage might not be immediately visible, it’s essential to understand that significant hail or wind can compromise your roof’s integrity. This can shorten its lifespan and its ability to protect your home from water. Even if there are no visible leaks, many insurance providers cover these “Functional Damages.”

Real-life Examples of Storm Damage

Our team at Winfield Builders consists of trained and certified experts who can accurately assess storm damage. If you suspect any damage to your roof after a storm, reach out to us. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and guide you through the insurance claim process if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storm Damage and Roofing

  • Will my insurance cover a new roof? Insurance typically covers damages resulting from natural events like hailstorms or accidents. However, the coverage might vary based on the specifics of the incident and your policy.

  • Should I contact Winfield Builders or my insurance first? Reach out to us first. We’ll inspect and document any damage, helping you decide if an insurance claim is warranted.

  • Can Winfield Builders assist during the insurance inspection? Absolutely! We can be present during the insurance adjuster’s visit to ensure all damage areas are adequately reported.

  • How much will my insurance cover? The coverage amount is determined by your insurance company based on the adjuster’s report. Factors like the age of your roof can influence the final amount.

  • Why do repair estimates vary between contractors? Ensure all estimates are for similar quality materials and workmanship. Some contractors might offer longer-lasting materials at a slightly higher price. It’s crucial to ensure you get value for your money.

The Significance of Haag Certification

Building materials have a finite lifespan. Various factors can accelerate their wear and tear:

  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Design or installation errors.
  • Damage from hail, wind, or other external forces.

Identifying the root cause of an issue requires expertise. That’s where our Haag Certified inspectors come in. They undergo rigorous training and are industry veterans skilled in identifying damage. With Winfield Builders, you’re assured of accurate and trustworthy damage assessments.

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