Why Is It Important to Know Your Roof’s Age?

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Every roof has an expected life span, and being able to tell how old it is can help you with important decisions related to your roof’s upkeep. In today’s post, your local roofers at Winfield Builders take a close look at why it’s important for a homeowner to know their roof’s age.

Why You Should Know Your Roof’s Age

Standard asphalt shingle roofs typically last 20 to 30 years, while sheet metal roofs typically last 50 years. Slate and tile roofs are expected to last much longer at over 100 years. But why do homeowners need to know all this?

  • Insurance. Knowing your roof’s age is important if you have an insurance policy on it. Insurance companies usually have criteria — one of which includes the roof’s remaining service life — that a roof must meet. The more years the roof has remaining, the better the insurance premiums will be.

  • Maintenance. Roofs are like people: the older they get, the more care they will need. Keeping up with maintenance, particularly in its later years, can help you get a few more years out of your roof. Knowing its age can also help you plan how often inspections and other maintenance tasks should be done. At some point, you’ll have to decide between repairing and replacing it, and knowing the roof’s age can help you make an informed decision.

  • Understanding roofing problems. Some roofing problems are indicative of advanced age, such as granule loss and loose shingles. Being aware of a roof’s age can help explain why these problems occur, as well as help you decide on what to do next.

How to Determine the Age of Your Roof

Some homeowners may not know how old their roof is, usually because they’re not the first homeowners. The following are some ways that you can determine, or at least estimate, the age of your roof.

  • On the warranty or insurance paperwork. If you’re not your home’s original owner, the previous homeowner may have passed on receipts or insurance paperwork that should have the date of installation. Some warranties may only indicate an expiration date, where the installation date can be inferred from.

  • The roof’s condition. Lacking an exact date, your roof’s condition may clue you in on how old it is. Discoloration, fading, and the aforementioned granule loss generally point to a roof at the later stages of its life span.

  • Have your roof inspected. Professional roofers can inspect your roof and estimate your roof’s age.

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