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How Do You Know If a Roof Is Reaching the End of Its Life?

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The roof protects your home against harsh weather conditions and elements. Over the years, this component would start to deteriorate and eventually need replacement. Knowing more about your roofing system can help you determine when it needs replacement.

aging roofing

Here are some of the most common signs of an aging roof.

Stains or Dark Spots on the Surface

In roofing materials like brick tile and concrete, dark spots are usually from moss or algae growth. These organic growths may not be harmful to the roof, but they can be unsightly. On metal roofing, stains are often a sign of corrosion or rust related to aging. Keep in mind that rust consumes the roof material, compromising its structural integrity.

Curling Shingles

Curling shingles are a common sign that an asphalt roofing system is reaching the end of its life. It naturally occurs after years of exposure to weather and the elements. When not addressed, curling shingles can become worse and cause leaks. If you notice that your shingles are curling, it may be a good idea to contact a local roofing company.

Underlayment Damage

Your roofer installs the underlayment first before the actual roofing material. This component gives your home added protection against leaks. Even if your roof looks fine from the outside, there could be damage to the underlayment. Sometimes plastic or rubber underlayment can weaken and develop holes, which are not visible on the roof’s surface. You can detect early signs of damage on your underlayment by getting regular professional inspections.

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