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Can a Damaged Roof Deck Be Repaired?

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Most parts of the roof are repairable, but the roof deck isn’t among them. In today’s post, we discuss why such an important part of the roof must be replaced when damaged.

Damaged Roof Deck Be Repaired

What Is Roof Decking?

The roof deck or decking is the material, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), that covers the roof framing. It provides the flat surface needed to install the moisture barrier, the outer roofing material (which may be asphalt shingles or sheet metal) and accessories. The underside of the roof deck faces the attic and serves as a substrate for insulation. If properly maintained, roof decking can be used for two installations.

Causes of Damage to Roof Decking

The roof deck can be damaged when both the moisture barrier and outer roofing are breached and infiltrated by moisture, which can happen if the roof is hit by high speed winds or large airborne debris. Trapped moisture can cause rot, which may compromise the roof structure if not found and fixed sooner. This underlines the importance of regular roofing inspections. Sometimes, a roof may look fine after a storm, making it easy to overlook punctures and similar kinds of damage.

Why Isn’t Roof Decking Repairable?

Rot isn’t reversible, so when the roof deck is damaged by moisture, it must be replaced along with other affected parts of the roof. Given the size of the boards, replacing them would also mean removing the moisture barriers and shingles above it – making repairs more like a partial roof replacement.

Fortunately, roof deck damage is preventable. As described above, regular inspections and timely repairs can help prevent rot and keep the moisture barrier and outer roofing layer intact. Also, consider investing in a roof with high wind and impact ratings. Such roofing systems may have a higher upfront cost, but they can keep the roof deck safe from damage, which, in turn, can save you from the cost and hassle of fixing a damaged roof deck.

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